This assignment addresses learning outcomes including: [MLO1.1] Explain the conc

This assignment addresses learning outcomes including:
[MLO1.1] Explain the concepts of international business and global business
[MLO1.2] Give three reasons why it is important to study global business
[MLO1.3] Articulate the fundamental question that the study of global business seeks to answer and the two perspectives from which to answer it
[MLO2.3] Identify the two core propositions underpinning an institution-based view of global business
[MLO2.7] List the differences among market economy, command economy, and mixed economy
[MLO2.8] Explain why it is important to understand the different institutions when doing business abroad
The world is organized by countries, and with globalization, the world is organized by multinational organizations.
Drawing from Chapters One and Two in the course textbook, and at least one research article from the FSW library databases, respond to the following questions: (See instructions at the bottom regarding APA format, word count, more detail on required citations etc.). (No other sources are acceptable – please do not use other online sources, other books, or other textbooks as support). Please paraphrase using your own words – direct quotes are not acceptable).
Assignment Guidelines
Respond to each of the the following. (Include the question as presented in bold, followed by your response not in bold.)
First explain the difference between international business and global business.
What is the most fundamental question driving global business and why is it important?
Explain and describe the institution based view of global business and the resource view of global business.
Finally, after comparing the three views of globalization described in your text which seems most logical and sensible to you? Support your choice.
Assignment Instructions
Your APA formatted paper should be at least 300 words with at least three citations; one MUST be from Chapter 1 of your text, another from Chapter 2 of your text, and another one from the FSW library databases. Be sure to include citations as references in proper APA format in the reference page (the last page of the paper).
Please review the Rubric for additional information regarding grading criteria. Grading will be based on content, format, and demonstration of weekly reading assignments, learning objectives, and outside research. Direct quotes are not permitted.
A minimum of 1 paragraph for each of the questions – not including the title page and reference page.
A minimum of 1 peer-reviewed source (not including the textbook) from the FSW library databases must be cited in the text of the paper. See the link to the Florida SouthWestern State College Library Research Tutorial. Be sure to review how to find peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. The FSW librarians and your instructor can also assist with researching the databases.
Do not use any other textbook as a source.
Do not use direct quotes. Be sure to paraphrase. Do not copy and paste. The FSW Writing Centers offer assistance with writing through virtual meetings. is also helpful.
Use APA to properly cite all sources.
Make sure your paper begins with a Level One Heading: Introduction (Do not confuse an Introduction with an Abstract)
Include a properly formatted APA cover sheet.
Include a properly formatted APA reference page.
All resources must show an author and date.
Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
Double-space the entire paper.
Accurate In-text citations must be included.
APA documentation and formatting style used appropriately (including in-text citations, reference entries, and format).
A thorough analysis of the topic in relation to management, leadership, and course learning outcomes.
Spelling, grammar, and writing style
Write in the third person – such as, “This researcher…”, “This student…”, Do not use “I”, “we”, “our”, “you”, or any other forms of indefinite you.
Avoid bullet points.
Submit your own original work. Do not submit work previously submitted to any course – including your own work, that of other students, or any work that is purchased or traded from the online cheating sites, such as coursehero
Be sure to review your assignment after submitting it in Canvas in the assignment link. Submitting an assignment that cannot be viewed, or submitting the wrong file do not constitute valid excuses for re-submitting after the due date.

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