respond to all questions in chosen option with specific examples, quotes, and an

respond to all questions in chosen option with specific examples, quotes, and analysis:
Option 1) a. Why do you feel Hamlet asks for forgiveness/then goes on to defend his actions to Laertes as madness in Act 5, scene 2, lines 195-212 (beginning (“Give me your parson, sir…”)? b. What does Laertes say is his motive in still resenting Hamlet, and how might their interchange reveal a significant shift in the presentation of revenge in the play? (lines 213-219). Why do they proceed with the duel? Do you believe that Hamlet actually went mad during the play or was he using madness as a ploy, or did he slip in and out of madness? c. Now consider the finale of Act 5: How has revenge ultimately been served by the play’s tragic conclusion? How might it also not have been served? Consider carefully with support and detailed analysis.
Option 2) a. Explore Hamlet’s conflict as a man caught between two worlds—the Medieval world of his father (dominated by Catholicism), where everything was fixed and unchanging, where there was an absolute certainty about an afterlife and a final Judgment; and the emerging Renaissance age, centered around the Individual and Reason, where there were no absolute certainties, also greatly influenced by the Protestant Reformation. Explore the nature of Hamlet’s dilemma and how this conflict influences/shapes his character/ interactions/ actions and/or lack of action in the play. c. You must provide at least 3 specific examples from significant parts in the play in your analysis (making sure to address the conclusion). Do you feel Hamlet ultimately chooses the Medieval or does he choose Renaissance world by the conclusion…or is he still caught in the middle? How is this shown by the play’s conclusion?

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