Leadership is an important concept addressed in our course. You will research an

Leadership is an important concept addressed in our course. You will research and write a 2-3
page single spaced paper from a personal interview with someone in a leadership position in a
company or organization. An example of a leader many be a department supervisor, a regional manager
or a lead worker in a company. Other leaders can include directors of nonprofit organizations, religious
organizations or other groups of the student are choosing.
You should develop an extensive list of questions…minimum of 10…to ask the person you
will interview based on the theories and concepts addressed in our course. For full points you must
include your questions in your paper. It’s acceptable to complete your interview through a
Zoom/Webex meeting, phone call, email or in-person.
The Leadership Research Paper should address how theories and concepts of human relations
affect the leadership responsibilities and roles of the person you will interview. For example, is the leader
being interviewed more of a “Theory X” leader or a “Theory Y” leader? You should be well versed in the
concepts you are asking about, and in many cases, you may need to explain your questions to the person
you are interviewing.
A thorough background of the leader’s academic, personal and professional preparation
should be included somewhere in the paper. The paper might also list recommendations given to you by
the person in a leadership position that can act as a guide for your own development.
Once the paper has been submitted to the D2L Assignment Folder, you should also upload
your document in a posting in the “Leadership” Discussion area of the course. This is worth one
posting. Then, you should open and respond to a minimum of FOUR other Leadership papers
submitted by your course mates. In all you need FIVE total postings for full points on this discussion.
Minimum requirements:
∙ Students may not interview family members, spouses, significant others, partners, etc.
∙ Research papers should be approximately 2-3 pages in length, single-spaced using 12-point font.
∙ At a minimum, students should put their name, the course number, the date and the title of the
assignment at the beginning of their paper.
∙ College-level writing is expected. To receive full points, student papers must be free of spelling,
grammar and significant style errors. Failure to write at this level will result in point reduction

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