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Dr. Bert Downs, The Big Picture
I _______________ (name) declare that I have watched the video completely and have answered the questions myself. I have not copied anyone else’s answers.
1. What are the three major categories that Dr. Downs divides the books of the OT?
2. According to Dr. Downs, only Israel had prophets. True False
3. The foreign power that conquered Israel was _______________________
4. The foreign power that conquered Judah was _______________________
5. Babylon’s foreign policy with Judah was to take the important people from Judah and __________
6. Based on the Exile, Dr. Downs divides the book of the prophets into ________________ and ____________ prophets
7. Within the “Exile Box” Dr. Downs places the two prophets _______________ and __________
8. The message of the Exile prophets was ____________________ and __________________
9. What books does Dr. Downs place in the “post-exilic” box?
10. What i the messages the post-exilic prophets give the people? ____________
11. According to Dr. Downs, prophets usually come at a time of _________________
12. According to Dr. Downs, most of the prophets of the OT come in this period ____________
13. Warning is the main message of the ______________ prophets
14. The two prophets that speak to Assyria are _____________ and ___________
15. According to Dr. Downs, faith builds on ______________________

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