Follow directions carefully. Read the chapters and watch any videos attached. Yo

Follow directions carefully. Read the chapters and watch any videos attached. Your original post must be a minimum of 150 words. Use correct grammar and spelling. Write in paragraph form do not just list. You must reply to two different students. Your post must be submitted by Saturday. The post and each of the two replies should be submitted on three different days. The discussion board will close on Wednesday. Post and replies should show your mastery of the subject. If you use material from an outside source, provide the documentation from which the information was obtained. Do not cite unconfirmed or inaccurate information (like blogs, personal pages, Wikipedia, etc.). The post should contain your own words and thoughts. Cited material does not count toward your word count. Be respectful of other people’s ideas and beliefs. Do not state the same things that others have said in your replies. The idea is that your post and replies should add value to the discussion. Do not submit your work as an attachment. Answer all parts of the assignment but do not retype the questions in your post. Do not submit more than one post. Do not include a chapter summary unless asked to do so. Do not submit blank posts.
Think about what you have read in chapter 10 on motivation and emotion. A good portion of the chapter deals with hunger. There is a reason why so many studies start with hungry animals as the test subjects. Humans are one of those animals. Think of the nature vs. nurture debate. Nature and nurture are explained in an earlier chapter. Nature has to do with a person’s innate qualities. And Nurture has to do with one’s personal experiences. Apply what you have learned in the chapter and explain overeating from the perspective of nature? How can it be explained by nurture? How does culture impact eating? What about emotions? Really think about the material and apply it to your answers.

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