You will administer three assessments and will gain fluency and proficiency in a

You will administer three assessments and will gain fluency and proficiency in administering the:
TOWL- Test of Oral Written Language (See module 1 for more information about this assessment)
GORT- Gray Oral Reading Test (See module 1 for more information about this assessment)
Math Assessment Evaluation (you will not administer this, but look through video and other materials to evaluate the student, make recommendations, etc.). More information will be provided in Canvas relative to this specific bullet point.
You will conduct these practice assessments with someone (e.g., child, spouse, relative, friend, etc.) who falls within the normed age range of each assessment. Remember, these are just PRACTICE, so please conduct the assessment with someone you know or are familiar with). The person who you give the assessment to DOES NOT need to have a suspected or existing disability.
These assessments are intended to familiarize you with the process of administering, scoring, and analyzing collected data to make informed and sound educational decisions.
It is preferred that you complete each assessment with a school-aged child. If you are not able to do this, please communicate with me early in the semester so that we can come up with an alternative.
What you will upload/submit for each of the assessments:
Scored protocol (all pages)
Examinee forms (any forms that the examinee may have written on as part of the assessment)
A summary on each of the assessments that you administered and discuss the examinees strengths, areas of difficulty, and overall reflections of giving each assessment. These summaries will be in ONE continuous document; please utilize appropriate headings when discussing each.
Your summary should be a minimum of 3 pages, double-spaced. Please use appropriate APA formatting as needed. Your writing can be checked for plagiarism using TurnItIn.
You will upload all of your assessments for this assignment here.
Please title each of your separate assessment files accordingly so that they are easily identifiable.
Module one- (Attachments below) (GORT 5)
Math Assessment Evaluation- As part of your ‘Application Based Assessments’, you will take a slightly different approach to this portion of the assignment where you will view and analyze math case study data.
You will be watching videos and scoring a math probe along with the video. You will also be looking at student math work and scoring and interpreting patterns of strengths and weaknesses. Video links are embedded within the documents below.
Please read through the documents below that will accompany what you will need to do and complete for the ‘Application Based Assessments’ assignment. (Attachment will not upload) any other option to access it?

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