Quality Improvement (QI) Project (150 points) Purpose The purpose of the QI proj

Quality Improvement (QI) Project
(150 points)
The purpose of the QI project is to teach students how to implement and evaluate a quality improvement project using the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this project, the student will learn how to (1) develop an aim statement, (2) implement change using the model for improvement (PDSA cycles), (3) collect data to measure change/improvement, and (4) report data using charts or graphs.
Each student will choose something about themselves that they would like to improve.
The student conducts the improvement plan for three Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. One cycle per week for 3 weeks.
Record data to measure the change
At the conclusion of the project, submit a 1-page report describing the quality improvement project including a (1) aim statement, (2) measure used, (3) describe changes made after each PDSA cycle, (4) create a graph or chart to illustrate the change over time (see Grading Criteria)
Grading will not be based on the success of the quality improvement project; will be graded on the process.
Submit to the designated Dropbox in Canvas:
Title page (APA format)
1-page report
Data chart or graph
My AIM Statement (I will be increasing my number of ATI questions I am performing from my current standing of about 350 a week to 525 a week, by July 1st.)
Altmiller, G. (2018). Quality improvement project for prelicensure nursing students. QSEN Institute. https://qsen.org/quality-improvement-project-for-prelicensure-nursing-students/
(Links to an external site.)
Grading Criteria
Satisfactory Submission
Possible Points
Aim Statement
Clearly identifies what the student is trying to accomplish
The measure is identified so that the student will know if the change is an improvement
Description of Process
The process is described succinctly identifying actions taken to adjust the plan based on data after each week
Graph or Chart
The graph/chart clearly demonstrates data collected over the 3-week period of the project. A minimum of 3 PDSA cycle data should be reflected in the graphic but data can reflect daily measurements.
Length of Submission
Submission is maximum of 3 pages (1) Title page following APA format, (2) 1-page report, (3) 1-page graph or chart
Grammar and Spelling
Submission is free of grammar and spelling errors following APA format
Timely Submission
Submitted by the due date and time to the Canvas Dropbox

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