Prompt: For Milestone One of your final project, you will submit a draft of the

Prompt: For Milestone One of your final project, you will submit a draft of the Problem Identification section of your grant proposal. Think about the professional
environment you will be seeking upon graduation and a potential problem within that professional environment that could be solved through your
recommended program. Some examples of professional settings and grant proposal problems include:
School/Educational Setting: Louisiana
leads the nation in ADHD diagnoses among children
Which direcly affects students school performances, and their overall self-esteem.The students also have negative and dirsputive behaviors due to their inability to focus attentively in the classroom. A grant was written to help improve their attention skills, poor reading skills learn to read at grade
level and increase their reading speed, comprehension, and reading attention span and overall sense of worth, esteem, and achievement. Studies have
shown those who do better in school, fare better with stable mental health.
I have listed below two resources that you can use for relevent information. However, I will need 5 perreviewed sources.
This paper should have 3 sections please use headings. The instructor request so that she’ll know the information is there. Thank you!
Prevalence – Submission provides published data
that evidences the identified problem
is a prevalent problem/need for the
Assessment of
Resources – Submission provides evidence in the
form of links, citations, and a
description of local resources for
their limited capacity to address the
identified problem
Impact of Problem –
Submission provides researchsupported evidence of how the
identified problem will have an
impact on individuals, families, and
the community if the problem is not
addressed proactively
I have also uploaded the rubric for this assignment

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