Next week you will select a theory or model to write a paragraph about. Before

Next week you will select a theory or model to write a paragraph about. Before you select a theory or model to write about, I would like to make sure you understand what theories and models are and how they are similar and different. To confirm that, for this assignment you will answer four questions. Your responses will be numbered. You will NOT be writing a paragraph and you will not be writing about any particular theory or model until next week.
Assignment Resources
I am not evaluating your ability cite on this assignment, so all you need to do is paste the information source described in the parenthesis below each of your answer(s). You may use information from any of the resources listed and you may use multiple resources. However, the resource must be related to Psychological or Sociological theories and models, not math or plastic models you build. That is correct, I have actually had students write about math theories and physical models you build:
Earlier modules: I did define them somewhere 😉 (paste a link to the module page where you found the information )
The textbook: you may have to put two and two together from context. (note the textbook section and page number where you found the info.)
The Internet: look at a few different sources. (paste a link to the webpage where you found the information)
What you already know from another class (note the name of the class you learned it in and the year you took the class)
Turnitin Plagairism Checker
The plargairism checker “Turnitin” is set to run on this assignment. Because I ask you to copy and paste the questions into the document, a percentage of plagarism will show up:
Do NOT worry about it unless the percent exceeds 20%.
If the percent is above 20%, you either did not write long enough answers or your words are similar to or matched a source in the database.
The percentage will be color coded, yellow to orange if it was just similar or dark orange to red for close matches.
If yours is over 20% or dark orange or red:
click on the “%” sign
take a look at the report
revise your responses that are a close match
submit another verison of the document.
When you submit a second time. your percentage will be very high or 100%. Don’t worry about that.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Open a Word or Google doc and name it.
Copy and paste the following four numbered questions into the document.
Write one to three complete sentences to answer each question, under the question you are answering.
NO QUOTES! You MUST read the information and put it into your own words.
****The four questions:
How would you describe/define the term “theory” as it relates to the psychology and sociology?
How would you describe/define the term “model” as it relates to the psychology and sociology?
How are theories and models similar?
How do theories and models differ?
Each response is worth 5 points. If you do not provide the source information for each resonse you will lose 1 point.
File Types & Layout Details
Document Types: ONLY Word or Google docs
NO Pages files accepted
Just start with the intro-paragraph:
NO Cover-page
NO paper title, date, or class info
DO NOT put your name on the document
Page Layout:
Paste the numbered questions into the document and add your answer below the question.
Double space
12-point font
1-inch margins all the way around
Proofing & Submitting
Read your sentences aloud.
Make sure the idea is clear and correct any errors you notice.
Save the document.

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