In this assignment, you will design a presentation as a part of a professional d

In this assignment, you will design a presentation as a part of a professional development workshop for staff on shared decision making. Your goal is to help staff members and other organizational stakeholders understand how shared decision making and collaborative effort can lead to greater success.
Create a 10-slide presentation for your response in addition to the title slide and references slide.
Use APA format for the references slide and in-text citations. The slide presentation should be compatible with Canvas.
Follow the steps to submit your final slide presentation.
Step 1. Research
Using information from the course and your own research, design a slide presentation that would serve as the centerpiece for a professional development for staff and other organizational stakeholders on shared decision making.
Step 2. Create
Create slide notes or a separate script for the presentation. Use the script as a guide for the design of the presentation. Include definitions of shared decision making, examples of where shared decision making has been used successfully, and suggestions for where shared decision making could be used in your organization. Include an example of at least one controversial issue where shared decision making did or could make a difference. Keep in mind your audience, and the sensitivity required when discussing controversial issues.
Step 3. Reflect
In a final slide, reflect on the role of shared decision making and collaboration in successful internal and external communication.

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