In order to demonstrate your understanding of the process of socialization and t

In order to demonstrate your understanding of the process of socialization and the various topics addressed within the first half of this course, you will write your “sociological autobiography”. The following criteria is expected:
Criteria #1 – Six Social Aspects’ Influence on Your Self-Identity: Provide a clear analysis and explanation in detail on how three of the six social aspects listed below in bold specifically influenced the development of your self- identity (who you are, your personality, world view) throughout your lifetime so far.
Three Social Aspects’ Influence on Self Identity
Your culture,
The types of groups in your life and your roles within
The effects of technology/social media
Your social class status
Your race/ethnicity
Your gender
To complete this criteria well, for each of the three social aspect you choose to address, you should:
Address each of the three social aspects you chose within its own section. Use subtitles above each of their sections in your autobiography.
Provide specific background information from your own life experience regarding each social aspect.
Then, provide many details about who you are to show how these experiences influenced the shaping of you as a person.
So, in each section after providing your personal information and experiences about a social aspect, ask yourself: Who am I because of this experience involving this specific social aspect? Then, in detail, describe you, your personality, your world views, your behaviors, and etc, to show how each of the social aspects experienced affected the shaping of you.
Criteria #2 – Sociological Concepts and Theories Connections: Since this is your sociological autobiography, and not just your autobiography, this paper is expected to also contain connections to and application of at least three relevant sociological concepts and/or theories throughout the paper.
The connections to and application of the sociological concepts and/or theories are to be explained thoroughly and correctly in your own words, and linked well within various sections of your autobiography.
Support and references should come from at least our textbook. Additional credible academic resources can also be used.
Make sure to cite and include full references for academic resources used for support.
Criteria #3 – This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Guidelines: This written piece is expected to be a minimum of 1000 words. It is also expected that you use the following college-level writing guidelines:
Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.
Double spacing
Times New Roman 12 point font
Standard format of a 1” each margin on the left and right sides with a .5” setting for
the bottom and top.
Must have a cover page, which includes:
Assignment name (centered)
Full name
Class name
Correct writing format is to be applied in-text citations and quoted work from other sources, and reference list.
Save your assignment only as a PDF, Word document, or on Google Docs to upload and submit work through this assignment page. Do not use HEIC or .pages files to save your work to submit.
Be aware that Unicheck, the plagiarism review app, is used for this assignment. A high similarity rating above 25% may cause your score to decrease or may decrease to a zero.

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