I will give you 2 points per double-spaced typed page (for up to 3 pages) of a p

I will give you 2 points per double-spaced typed page (for up to 3 pages) of a paper you turn in that describes a human service experience you did while in college. I want half the paper to describe what you did (what people you helped and how, what training you got, who supervised you) and half the paper to evaluate the experience and relate it to what you are learning in the course. You should describe the strengths and weaknesses of the experience, what you learned from it, how it could be improved, and how it relates to your career goals. If you write only one page, you can earn 2 points for half of a page summary and half of a page evaluation.
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human services experience was working with individuals with HIV or aids training and getting jobs. Didn’t take a lot of training a lot of paperwork and observation. Also Of behind sense HR stuff, Housingworks.inc Also work with kids with autism doing ABA therapy. I had to get training for aba therapy and had to take a state take test to become a registered behavioral tech. I was supervised by a BCBA named Joyce. My career goal is to work in mental health / clinical psychology. unfortunately haven’t gotten experience in the field yet. My weakness is taking on a lot of tasks and struggle with my AHDH. I struggled with time management but got better towards the end of the summer semester.

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