Dashboards are being used more and more frequently by organizations to help high

Dashboards are being used more and more frequently by organizations to help highlight important organizational performance or industry metrics. Unfortunately, sometimes dashboards are just a group of data or graphs that don’t go together and fail to tell a story.
For this assignment, you are a new manager of a team of data analysts and data visual designers at a polling organization that tracks worldwide views on topics. Your team has been asked to create a new dashboard, but before you start working on it, you realize that there are no training documentation or style guides for creating effective dashboards.
To make sure your team follows best practices for creating dashboards, you are tasked with creating a 700- to 850-word dashboard training document using 4 dashboard examples you find online, in newspapers, or in magazines. In the training document, you will show the original dashboards and your analysis of each one. For each of the 4 dashboards, you should do the following:
Describe the information and knowledge you can gain from viewing the dashboard. You should also include an image of the original visualization and a link to its source.
Analyze the dashboard’s intended message and intended audience.
Discuss the changes you would make and why those changes would improve the ability of the dashboard to tell a story.
Discuss what lessons can be learned through the evaluation of the dashboard.
State a best practice for effective dashboard creation related to your analysis.
Note: You should not find a really well-done dashboard. Your assessment is not on the dashboard’s effectiveness, but rather on how you evaluate the dashboard’s messages using the principles from this class. Even if the dashboard is well done, include ideas to improve or enhance it based on the ideas in this class.
Cite all sources and graphics according to APA formatting guidelines.

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