Creating and Explaining Data Dictionaries Unit outcome addressed in this Assignm

Creating and Explaining Data Dictionaries
Unit outcome addressed in this Assignment:
Identify the purpose of a data dictionary.
Create a sample data dictionary.
Construct and maintain the standardization of data dictionaries to meet the needs of the enterprise.
Create the electronic structure of health data to meet a variety of end user needs.
Evaluate data dictionaries & data sets for compliance with government standards.
As the Director of Health Information for a large health system, you have been asked to present a proposal to the CEO and Board of Directors to incorporate data dictionaries as part of the hospital data management system. Your tasks are to determine why a data dictionary is necessary and how it is created ensuring governmental compliance standards are incorporated into your proposal.
Within your proposal, you are required to:
Justify the importance/value of data dictionaries and why they should be incorporated into the health system.
Create a sample data dictionary of at least 10 data elements simulating a Master Patient Index to demonstrate a visualization of a data set.
Evaluate the contribution of data dictionaries and data sets in maintaining compliance with government standards.
Assess common issues associated with implementing a data dictionary and how to avoid them.
Tips for success:
Begin your proposal with an introduction and overview of the topic.
Review the process for developing data dictionaries located in the Reading and Resources for Unit 6.
Research governmental standards provided in the Reading and Resources for Unit 6.
Your proposal should include a justification for incorporating a data dictionary linking it to compliance with government standards.
Conclude your proposal with a summary and recommendations.

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