Article #1:

Article #1:
Article #2:
Select two peer-reviewed journal articles. These are articles published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal (as defined in the syllabus and course content). You are free to use peer-reviewed research from our readings in class. Just be careful to use peer reviewed research articles! Any of our assigned readings will work fine, EXCEPT the book chapter on gangs and the life course. Book chapters do not count as peer-reviewed journal articles, nor do online sources, government reports, news stories, etc. Make sure you check out the module videos on these topics, and let me know if you have any questions. Also reach out if you’d like me to review an outside source. Send me a pdf of the article, and I will check it out.
Please also be aware that if this paper does not compare and contrast two PR articles as presented in the videos, links, and syllabus, you will not receive credit for the assignment. Make sure you are consistent with APA formatting. And please be advised, the paper will be submitted through Turnitin. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, so make sure you are using your own words, and not copying your work from ANYWHERE.
The paper is straightforward, but remember that this one assignment is worth HALF of your final grade, so make sure you are fully familiar and comfortable with APA formatting, peer-reviewed research, and comparing and contrasting different sources of information. APA formatting is worth 25% of your final paper grade, so if you do not write your paper in APA format, the best grade you can earn is a 75%. Another 25% of the final paper grade based on grammar and clarity. The final 50% of your final paper grade is based on content, detail, insight, and mastery of the content.
One more note: as we have discussed throughout class, a paragraph consists of approximately 5-7 sentences that introduce and support one main idea. There is not a page requirement, but if you have detailed, comprehensive paragraphs for each prompt as indicated below, you get an idea of how long your paper should be. Focus on the compare and contrast part, and make sure you are comprehensive and detailed in that analysis. Use examples from the readings to support your analysis.
You should provide a one paragraph description of what each article is about (i.e. research questions), what its method of study was (i.e. what data was collected, from whom, and how many), and three key findings (2 paragraphs).
You should then provide a paragraph identifying what the articles have in common and a paragraph identifying differences between the articles. This analysis should go deeper than simple comparisons like “one is by author A and the other by author B” and should instead focus on comparing and contrasting the research questions, methods, and findings. (2 paragraphs).
Your assignment should conclude with a one paragraph (1 paragraph) description of future areas where more knowledge is needed, and how that knowledge might be gained (i.e. directions for future research).

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