you need to read the readings, and summerize their fidings ( what they found and

you need to read the readings, and summerize their fidings ( what they found and concluded by the paper) for each paper
seperately about 20- 25 words for each, so really short, then you need to find a common theme for all the assigned reading ( why
they were put together, and what is the common theme for all papers) and state in in the last sentece of the first paragraph after summerizing the assigned reading papers
Then you need to move to another paragraph and state you claim and thesis based on the common them that you found in all paper, you need to propose a clear claim/ thesis in a full sentece (saying that X should happen ). after stating the thesis, you need to give a reason why X should happen? then give evidance of your claim based on the journals and academic sources you found. Then in the next paragraph, find a counter argument for your thesis based on your search on academic sources, state and paraphrase it approprietly . Then
the next paragraph you need to write rebuttel or your response to the counter arguments based on your searches . Aside from the
first paragraph ( which is the summary of assinged readings in 100 words) , the paper needs to have 5 parts in the next three paragraphs as follows:
:paragraph two should inccude all three 1. Claim – debatable statement you want readers to accept. This is your thesis. Various types. 2. Reasons – logic used to convince readers your claim is true.
3. Evidence – facts, statistics, examples, expert knowledge used to convince readers
paragraph three should include : Counter-argument – reasons & evidence others (may) use to challenge your claim
paragraph four should include : Rebuttal – your response to those counter-arguments

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