Watch the Film by Charles Ferguson (2010), Inside Job, SONY Picture Classics. It

Watch the Film by Charles Ferguson (2010), Inside Job, SONY Picture Classics. It is narrated by Matt Damon. It is 1 hour 50 minutes long. It is absolutely first-rate, one of its kind, and explains in great detail, how and why the financial meltdown of 2008 unfolded in the US and in the world economy. The link for the Film is Copy and paste the link on your computer. The Film is also available on You-Tube, but that version [] is a truncated version, and not the recommended version to watch.
Inside Job has 5 Parts to it. The Film begins with Iceland’s Financial Meltdown; and connects that Financial Meltdown with New York’s Financial Industry. Part I is titled “How We Got Here”, gives you a first-rate exposition of the US Economy since the Great Depression of 1929-1934. It also discusses the Financial Industry. Part II is titled “The Bubble [2001-2007]”. Part III is called “The Crisis”. Part IV is called “Accountability”; and Part V is titled “Where We are Now”.
You must take Notes while you are watching the Film! There is no better way to understand what you are watching. Do a word-count and write down how many words you use for each of the 3 parts to this Assignment. Use short sentences!
1: How would you describe the US Financial Industry as discussed in the Film? How does the Film discuss the effects of Deregulation on the US Financial Industry? Write only in relation to what you watched in the Film, especially in Part I and Part II. Refer directly to the Film when you respond. Use about 300 words.
2: The Film begins with a discussion of Iceland’s financial crisis. Later, the Film returns to a discussion of Iceland’s crisis when it discusses the role played in Iceland’s crisis by some well-known US economists. How does the Film do this? Explain your response using the Film alone! Use about 150-200 words.
3: Does Ferguson’s film Inside Job relate to what Giovanni Arrighi calls a “financial expansion”? Explain using about 100-200 words.

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