This assignment requires you to research and digitally present information conce

This assignment requires you to research and digitally present information concerning incarceration
rates in the United States compared to another country. I am particularly interested in your determining
whether in fact there are racial disparities in the criminal justice system here in the United States as
has been suggested by some of our readings1. After completing your research, please complete the
following– I need 3 PAGE PAPER AND 5 Power point slides
Your digital presentation will show, in approximately five slides: (50 points)
• The problem of mass incarceration in the U.S.;
• Who is disproportionately affected in the U.S. and why;
• How the U.S. rates of incarceration compare with those rates of at least one other country.
• Clearly outline the differences in how incarceration is handled in at least one other country
Write a 1 – 3-page paper (typed, double spaced) where you will discuss your understanding of the
factors contributing to mass incarceration in this country as compared to the factors that go into the
determination of incarceration rates in other countries. I am particularly interested in your making the
following distinction when exploring global comparisons in incarceration rates:
• Describe the current level of incarceration in the U.S. What groups are most affected by
• What racial differences, if any, exist in the levels of incarceration rates in the United States?
• Are incarceration rates of Black people in the U.S. similar to or different from Blacks in other
• Are there any conclusions to be made in how the United States approaches law enforcement
compared to other countries? What are these conclusions?
• In your opinion, what are some of the effects of mass incarceration and current approaches to
criminal justice on the Black community in the United States? Is there another model used in
another country that we should consider using in this country? Explain.

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