The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how you would respond to a

The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how you would respond to a person’s hesitance to hire someone with a criminal record. This will also allow you to think about how to communicate research findings in the Sociology of Deviance to people outside of this class.
Suppose that you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table with your family. One of your relatives, Relative X, is self-employed and owns a convenience store. Relative X has been trying to fill a job vacancy at the store for a custodian. S/He really likes one of the recent job applicants, but is hesitant to offer him/her the job because Applicant has a criminal record. Your relative doesn’t know what to do.
For this discussion, answer the question: What do you say to Relative to help him/her make his/her decision?
General Guidelines:
To keep the discussion as simple as possible, use Relative and Applicant as names for these people. It is okay for you to choose genders for Relative and Applicant if you wish.
Rely on and discuss both theoretical (i.e. arguments from labeling, shaming theories and/or any previous relevant theories we have discussed) and empirical evidence (i.e., the results of research studies/data especially from modules 5 and 6) in your response. You will receive separate points for the quality of discussion of your theoretical evidence/argument and for your empirical evidence/argument. Your initial post is worth 25 points.

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