The Case Assignment will be a 3-5 page (excluding cover page and references

The Case Assignment will be a 3-5 page (excluding cover page and references) research essay. In particular, the case assignment will explore key relationship between gun violence and community psychology.
The Case Assignment should address the following:
1)Statistics on gun violence in U.S. communities
2)Community psychologist’s role in the prevention of gun violence
3)Collaborating with local government agencies
4) Community-based intervention programs on preventing gun violence
Writing Guidelines:
3-5 pages, double spaced with 1” margins all around
Include a title page and references page (not included in the 3-5 page count)
Make sure you include an introduction and conclusion.
Make sure you check your spelling and grammar (reading your paper out loud when you are finished will help you with this) Use 3-5 sources from the background material and/or external sources to support your information.
Cite your sources in the text (body) of the paper as applicable to avoid plagiarism—make sure the sources you cite also appear in the references page.

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