Required Reading(s) for This Module 1. Johnson, H. & Dawson, M. (2011). Violence

Required Reading(s) for This Module
1. Johnson, H. & Dawson, M. (2011). Violence Against Women in Canada: Research & Policy Perspectives (Chapter 3)
2. Keating, B. (2015). Violence Against Women: A Disciplinary Debate and Challenge. The Sociological Quarterly, 56:1, 108-124
Respond to the following questions in your Learning Portfolio submission:
1. Discuss ways in which survey research can improve techniques for integrating gendered motives and impacts, thereby contributing to the gender symmetry debate.
2. Describe how attention to respondent safety is critical from an ethical point of view. How might it affect the reliability of prevalence estimates?
The learning portfolio requires you to explore the following 3 areas in response to the readings and videos you view:
Reflect on, and discuss, concepts/material that is ‘squared away’ and you believe you have a good understanding of. Share any ‘ah ha’ moments.
What is still circulating in your mind? What is unclear, or what do you still have questions about?
What learnings can/will you apply to your 1) personal, 2) professional, and 3) academic life
You will also be asked to critically consider and respond to 2 specific discussion questions informed by the module content. The questions to be discussed in each learning portfolio submission will be provided at the end of each module. You will have to complete and submit each before moving on to the next module. A strong portfolio will draw on the readings and the additional content provided in each module. Exceptionally strong entries will make connections across the topics covered throughout the module as this will demonstrate your ability to connect to the course material. The responses should not be strictly opinion based. You can draw on other sources to illustrate your points, but these sources should not replace using the course materials. I welcome critical engagement with the course materials – you do not have to agree with all of the course materials. Each module submission should…
• Be submitted as a Word document.
• Be no less than 2 double-spaced pages (as this will allow you to adequately respond to the reflection and discussion questions) and no longer than 5 pages double spaced (plus references). •
Use proper APA referencing. APA formatting resource: /general_format.html •
Contain at least one paragraph for each of the circle, square, and triangle responses as outlined above.
• Use the remainder of the document to respond to the questions presented in the module for the specific submission. • Fulfill all criteria listed in the grading key seen at the end of this document

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