Please use the source attached: Katagiri and Min. Please provide a summary and c

Please use the source attached: Katagiri and Min. Please provide a summary and criticism/analysis of the article. “In this article, we use the Berlin Crisis of 1958–63 as a
testing ground for these claims regarding the complexity
of the actual diplomatic environment.” Attached is a powerpoint to help you understand the context/scope of the article needed to write the essay.
Weakness of the article:
they assess the credibility of threat?
They just count how many words to
illustrate Washington’s reactions. But, they do not assess what kind of
reactions they made. They might have just mentioned the soviets’ moves to say
their moves were not credible threat. Even if so, the authors might have
counted such mentioning as a word or sentence indicating Washington perceived
the moves as credible threat.
they assess the quality of word?
Even if policymakers said the
Soviet’s move or word is credible, they really thought so? Probably, yes but
some words might not come from their serious consideration. The authors’ method
is to count the same word in different circumstance as having the same meaning
or the strength. In other words, they do not distinguish a serious word from a
joke or unserious word.
threat from the Soviets is applicable to tying-hands theory?
Tying-hands signal works since a
state institutionally allows citizens to punish a leader who broke the promise.
did the Soviets had such a political institution? I don’t think so. Even if the
Soviets make a public threat, it is natural Washington did not believe the
threat was credible. But, this fact is not that tying-hands
signal is not working because it is not testing the logic of tying-hands
signal. If they want to test the logic, they should have assessed whether a
threat by a democratic state is believed or not.

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