Please reply to this statement in 100 words There are several ways police agenci

Please reply to this statement in 100 words
There are several ways police agencies can build on or increase their legitimacy and accountability. The first strategy would be to have full transparency for everyone. The media, public, and politicians want full transparency about police officers and critical situations before all the facts can be gathered. I believe it is important to tell these people exactly who the officer was dealing with, and what the suspect was doing when contacted. In almost every situation, the suspect involved was a career criminal and was resisting arrest.
Another tactic police agencies can use to build on legitimacy is to develop an anonymous crime tip program. Many citizens are fed up with the crime that happens in their neighborhood but are scared to call and be contacted by officers in fears of being labeled as a snitch. This program will give officers information to follow up on and solve problems, all while keeping the identity of the informant confidential.
Lastly, I believe a community relation team within the agency will help build the bridge between police and the citizens in the communities they serve. Many citizens believe police are solely out to profile minorities because that is what the media tells them. This couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact, many officers are born and raised in the very high crime communities they now protect. A community relations team that reaches out to the community, listens to their concerns, while also providing them with up-to-date crime statistics, arrests, and facts, will build stronger relationships and trust.

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