Please reply to this 100 word max. When I read the statement made by the committ

Please reply to this 100 word max.
When I read the statement made by the committee in the 2014 President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing, many things came to mind. I think that the author had a specific intent when he made this quote. My interpretation of quote is that crime fighting strategies can harm the community‚Äôs trust. I feel that some communities feel like their neighborhoods are focused on more and overly policed. I feel that those same people see this crime fighting task force as racially motivated. When you have the community feel that way, it damages the trust in the community. How would a police force expect to be trusted if the community feels like that are being targeted?
If I were the Chief of police, I would make sure that I would be transparent with the community I served. I would inform the community that there is a reason behind why we have these specialized units. I would inform them of some of the crime stats and why it is important to have more police in those areas. Of course, not everyone will agree with it. However, I feel that more community members will at least have more clarity as to why the police are working extra in their neighborhoods to keep them safe. Over time and with the crime statistics going down, I feel that the community will eventually begin to trust the police and realize that this crime fighting task forces are not motivated by racial prejudice but crime statistics.
Please reply to this 100 word max. Question 2
I believe when the 2014 President’s Task Force on 21st policing commented on public trust and crime fighting strategies, the intent was to try and keep everything transparent with Law Enforcement and it’s community members.
In today’s world of law enforcement, more now then ever, we are under the scope of the public. Some members in different communities have a prime objective to catch law enforcement officers doing something excessive or out of policy to get them fired or disciplined. Law enforcement officers are constantly being recorded by members of the public and it is important that when we develop crime fighting strategies, that these ops plan are very well thought out and within good nature in the eyes of the public.
Law enforcement agencies should be working collaboratively with their communities when implementing crime fighting strategies. This keeps these idea and polices transparent within the communities they serve and the public will have a better understanding. Some departments such as my own, releases all policies, (Use of Force, Interactions with transgenders, Missing persons, Handling mental illness incidents, Etc).
Releasing these policies will also help protect officers from judgement and let the public know how their officers conduct their duties within their departments policies.

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