Persuasive Speech with a Visual Aid (Sample at end) 110 Points Time for presenta

Persuasive Speech with a Visual Aid (Sample at end)
110 Points
Time for presentation: 7-10 minutes
***You will follow the same outline structure as the informative speech (introduction, 2
body points, and a conclusion) and you MUST have a visual aid***
Purpose: A persuasive speech attempts to change the minds, attitudes, or behaviors of
immediate audiences. One type of persuasive speech is a Problem-Solution speech that identifies
a problem and then tries to convince audience members to take practical actions to fix the
problem. It is very important that the solutions are easy, tangible, and accessible. For this speech,
research a local problem in the city of Santa Monica or surrounding cities. The problem may be
an environmental, political, social, or other type of problem, but it has to be in our local cities.
For example, the following article discusses a very concerning problem of pollution in Santa
Monica beaches:
Avoid national or international problems. Then, explain one practical solution to your peers that
is realistic and doable. The organization for this speech should include an introduction, 2 body
paragraphs (the first body paragraph should explain the problem in detail; the second body
paragraph should explain the solution in detail), and a conclusion. Don’t forget to have a cover
page and a References/Works Cited page.
Develop a persuasive speech outline to submit and present to class. Refer to the sample
persuasive speech outline as a template. The outline is below. Include all of the parts for a speech
that are used in the sample speech outline. You must use 5 sources for this speech. Specifically,
write a persuasive speech that includes 2 main body points (body paragraphs). The body
paragraphs should include strong supporting material and they should be similar in length. The
speech outline should include an introduction, the two main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
A visual aid is required for this speech. You must use 1 or 2 images in Slides/PowerPoint or a
physical visual to show during your speech, but you must practice to avoid technological failure
or distractions. The images should be clearly visible and relevant to your speech. Avoid generic
clip art or collage slides (slides with many small pictures). Remember that images can include
art, statistics, graphs, or infographics, but they should be directly relevant to your topic.
Important: you must let me know how and when you intend to use or point to the visual IN
THE VISUAL AID. Similar to the format for a transition within a speech, you should include a
sentence that tells me when you will refer to the visual in brackets. Build in time during the
speech to adequately explain the visual and give the audience time to understand what you are
The outline should include full sentences, APA or MLA in-text citations, a References or Works
Cited page, and appropriate grammar. Double space your outline. Be prepared to give a 7-10
minute speech.
Presentation: I will be assessing your delivery during the speech via a videotaped speech. Please
refer to the grade sheet (below) to see what I will be assessing, including voice, eye contact,
posture, etc.

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