Overview Writing a Philosophy Position Paper provides each student an opportunit

Writing a Philosophy Position Paper provides each student an opportunity:
to write on a topic they strongly agree, or not, agree on
to apply reasoning skills that support the philosophical position taken
reflect on their own reactions to topics they feel strongly about
The goal of this assignment is to write a well-reasoned Position Paper that incorporates what you learned from your research and your peers on a specific topic under the broader theme: “Global Citizenship, Human Rights, and the Philosophy of Religion.”
Parts of the Position Paper to Complete
Part 1: Write a well-reasoned Philosophy Position Paper (total points: 70) with the following breakdown:
thesis or statement of intention (10 points)
3 points that support your argument (30 points)
the most compelling objection to your position (10 points)
refutation of that objection (10 points)
a well-stated conclusion (10 points)
Part 2: Write a statement about your own development as a Global Citizen and choose one concrete action that you could do related to the topic of your project. (10 Points)
Part 3: Reflect and write about your experience of writing a Philosophy Position Paper What did you like? What was challenging? What did you learn about yourself? (10 points)
An example for this paper is provided in the files. use it to guide you for proper format and length for this paper. please follow the format of the example. make sure to cite sources as seen in the example
below are the links to videos that can help guide you in writing this assignment –

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