One term paper that is seven pages (7), or more. 1st page is a cover sheet. 2nd

One term paper that is seven pages (7), or more. 1st page is a cover sheet. 2nd page, you will write about one Sociologist (ex. Weber, Dubois, Martineau, Marx, Durkheim) that piqued you interest and provide their history, theory, and notable contribution to Sociology (social science). Include why you align your views to the theory of this particular Sociologist, ex. Structural Functional, Symbolic Interactionism, Conflict, Feminism, etc..
The next four (4) pages will be about the sociological topic that interests you: racism, homelessness, obesity, global warming, women’s rights, child abuse, crime, drug abuse/addiction, education, health, environment, technology, etc… to name a few.
The last page is for references! You may utilize the course materials, and relevant external research, however, ALL REFERENCES (CITATIONS) MUST NOT COME FROM THE TEXTBOOK!
Use the selected social problem to create an essay that includes:
*Why you chose this topic? *Why is this topic important to you? *What are the major causes and concerns, and historical context of the social problem? *The sociological theory (conflict, functionalism, symbolism), or derivative of that major theory that defines and guides your writing of this topic? *What are the benefits or consequences of this social problem? *How does the social problem affect society (examples)? *How would you go about eliminating or improving the social topic? *What do you predict will happen with your social topic in the next 5-10 years? *A conclusion that sums up the topic you chose.*Any personal experiences or Volunteer work? (optional)
Your answers or input must be realistic and humane. The more detailed and organized you are, the better your essay.
Note- your writing must be guided by a sociological theory, and relevant to the social problem you chose.
*There is plenty instruction listed above to make an adequate paper. So, any missed parts will greatly effect your term paper points.
This assignment is worth 40 points. There are absolutely no extensions or make-ups of the assignment. Your work should reflect sociology and not simply your own opinions!
*APA 7th edition format- typed and double-spaced, with 1″ margins on all sides- (does not apply if you copy/paste or upload term paper to Canvas). Include a page header (also known as the “running head”) at the top of every page, this includes your paper title and the page number. 12 -point Times New Roman font. The content should include at least three recent (last decade) scholarly sources. Students must create any accepted academic citation in the APA format- use (

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