my topic is how can diet or what we eat affect muscle growth? i have copied the

my topic is how can diet or what we eat affect muscle growth? i have copied the
instunctions below and uploaded a rubric.
Assignment Objective
Writing and communicating scientific principles are increasingly important skills. This assignment is designed to support basic understanding of course topics while also developing science writing and communications skills. One key to effective science communication is describing how science is useful in everyday life.
Assignment Instructions
With the above objectives in mind: Select a concept or issue that was covered in this course (lecture or lab components) and formulate a question to answer. Select the relevant information from course resources as well as other sources (course text, videos, online sources, primary literature as needed). Write an approximately 1-page essay addressing your question and discuss the relevance of the concept or issue to your own life. Include specific information that was covered in class and explain why this information is relevant to your life and how it is useful for you. Describe how the information applies to you personally and provide examples.
Assignment Details and Guidelines
The suggested structure for this assignment is as follows:
Title your essay using the question you formulated (e.g. “How do the limits of diffusion affect my exercise performance?”).
(my topic is how can diet or what we eat affect muscle growth?)
1st section: Give an overview of the answer to your question.
2nd section: Provide the scientific details of the answer to your question including relevant information.
3rd section: Explain why this information is relevant to your life or useful to you, including examples and specific instances.
( I am an athelete so this can correlate to me gaining weight for basketball. I am really skinny and sometimes people have an advantage over me because of their size and weigh more and strength)
Formatting guidelines:
Length of assignment: aim for approximately one page of written work (single-spaced, ~750 words).
Use a professional font style and size (your choice here; consider Cambria or Calibri and 11-pt font size).
Margins of ~1-inch; 1 to 1.15 line spacing. The page limitation is not a firm restriction — slightly over one page is fine; if your paper is substantially shorter than a page, it’s unlikely that you will adequately meet the standards for the assignment.
You are welcome, but not required, to include figures, charts, diagrams, and images. These should be included after the text component of the assignment and do not count toward the page limit. All figures should be properly cited (any format is fine but be consistent; suggest CSE formatLinks to an external site. that’s becoming increasingly common in STEM fields).

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