Most social insurance plans or socialized medicine systems rely on population he

Most social insurance plans or socialized medicine systems rely on population health and primary prevention to decrease the incidence and prevalence of complicated medical conditions and diseases. As we have seen in the first two modules, the United States does not emphasize population health or primary prevention as much as other countries.
A coalition of regional hospitals is lobbying state government to pass legislation to incorporate a state-sponsored health plan for all North Carolina residents, similar to the initiative in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Take the role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Princeton Hospital. The CEO of Princeton Hospital does not have a strong sentiment for or against population health.
Using at least four sources, cited in 7th edition APA format, write a brief (no more than two pages) arguing for or against Princeton Hospital’s joining the lobbying initiative. You must clearly take one side of the position, and your brief should provide enough detail, passion, and support to move the CEO in the direction of your position. This should be directly related to your lobbying interest and your argument that you want to make to your CEO based on those interest.
Your paper should use a traditional 12-point font and be double spaced.
When you are citing from references, please include in-text citations.
**Extra instructions**
The assignment is to either support or advise against Princeton Hospital joining the coalition to bring about a state-sponsored health plan for all North Carolina citizens, like MassHealth, which was built on the Medicaid premise but for all Massachusetts citizens. The idea is to consider what might come of the plan, both for the hospital and for the citizens of NC, and if the hospital should support that endeavor or not, backing up the decision with solid critical thinking and support.
The focus of this initiative is creating a socialized medicine plan or a social insurance program for the state of NC.
As well, and this is important, Princeton Hospital is fictitious. It does not exist. Neither does this initiative. (And, you are not actually the CSO for the fictitious hospital, but you have to role play for this assignment.) I did that so that there would not be any premise to look up information to incorporate into your brief. Unfortunately, that seems to have backfired and I apologize for that.
The idea is to argue for or against the development of a state-backed, socialized medicine or social insurance system for healthcare in NC. Would you lobby for it or against it? The rest of the assignment is window dressing, although you do need to keep in mind your role and to whom you are petitioning (e.g. high-ranking colleagues who are sure to have a strong familiarity with each other).

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