Look at files for more instructions. I have started with two pages but it probab

Look at files for more instructions. I have started with two pages but it probably needs some work
, I wrote this in the Application online that I submitted
I chose Prairie View A & M University because it has the Masters of Social Work program and as a bonus to me Prairie View A & M University also have the Medical Social work/Behavioral Health education and that is a plus for me because Behavioral health it’s my ultimate goal in this journey that I been embracing. I have heard many good things from PVAMU. My friend graduated from PVAMU University and he is very successful so he referred me to PVAMU and he talks very well about PVAMU. I am applying to PVAMU to get the education that I need to advance in life and do what it’s my passion to help people. After hearing a lot of good things about PVAMU, I got excited to apply to finish my Master’s in Social work to ultimately continue my education in Behavioral health. I became so excited when I was reading about this program because that is my ultimate goal to do in life to be able to help people one person at a time, and the curriculum offered by PVAMU it’s just what I need. I learned from my friend that PVAMU has a lot of opportunities to help the students grow and that is much needed in every school because ultimately that is why I, as a student am coming back to school to finish my Master’s degree. Also, it is very interesting that PVAMU has more than one Social Work club. If accepted into PVAMU I would be interested in all of them. There are so many things to do in this school that I am eager to start receiving my education at Prairie View A&M University. Also, the university has been here for so long that it has a great foundation and recognition. I’ll be delighted to be part of the panthers and the legacy that comes with it, and be a part of all those graduates that have been part of it. Besides the excellent history of the University and accreditations, I would like to be part of PVAMU because the Behavioral Health program has excellent skills needed in the world right now. There are a lot of mental health issues and this program has what it takes to go out there and help the people that are going through these issues. Furthermore, PVAMU has so many programs to choose from such as, human sciences, sociology, counseling, interdisciplinary studies, computer science, criminal justice, psychology, juvenile forensic psychology, nursing, amongst others. There is so much to choose, and to tell other people that I know about all the possibilities that Prairie View A & M University has. I am eager to start this journey and the reasons above are why I choose to apply to PVAMU.
if that can be put all together as it resonates for the purpose of the statement of purpose

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