In the first three chapters, we covered the overall policing subsystem, the hist

In the first three chapters, we covered the overall policing subsystem, the historical evolution of policing, and the human resources element of policing. In this writing assignment, we will try to tie all three chapters together. One of the overwhelming elements of the contemporary policing subsystem is the evolution of society and law enforcement officers. Overall, our goal is to understand how we should focus efforts to recruit and retain quality law enforcement officers. In your assignment, you will develop ways to improve the recruitment and hiring of law enforcement officers taking into account changes in society, the profession, and the challenges of the profession. Considering how the relationship has changed between society and policing, the development of policing over time to meet new societal elements, and how we select and train law enforcement officers…
How can we work to effectively recruit and train officers in today’s society?
What changes have made this necessary?
What policing role is most important and how does this impact your decision?
How does this impact the recruitment and training of law enforcement officers?
How do the employment issues that we discussed in Chapter 3 impact this decision?
Your paper will be 3 pages or more, double spaced, APA format.
You will submit the paper in Microsoft Word ONLY. No Google files. The file name should only end with .doc or .docx. PDF is fine. RTF and ODT files are fine in this case. If I cannot open the file, you will have to resubmit. Make sure to use at least 2 academic resources in the submission and cite and reference those in the paper.

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