I need an APA style research proposal based on a TED talk related to psychology.

I need an APA style research proposal based on a TED talk related to psychology. 1) it uses either an observational, correlational, or experimental design similar to what you have learned about this semester
2) the method you choose is appropriate for your research question/hypothesis
3) it proposes to use human participants
4) it is practical (you won’t actually do it, but you hypothetically could if you were given a realistic set of resources)
5) it is ethical
Here are other requirements
Method (approximately 1-1.5 pages)
Must include the method that will be used to conduct the study along with details of the study Design
This sub-section is most commonly found in research reports of experiments, but you should use it to describe what type of study you are conducting (observational, correlational, experiment). If you are using an experimental design, will it a between or a within subjects design? What are your experimental conditions? What are the main variables in the study?
Describe the number of participants, who they will be, how they will be recruited, selected, etc. (see Morling for additional detail; remember you will say who the participants will do, not who they were)
Measures (for experiments this is often called Measures and Materials)
Describe in detail the instruments you used to measure or manipulate the variables in your study (see Morling for additional detail; remember you will be describing how you will measure or manipulate your variables)
What will you have the participants do and where will they do it? (see Morling for additional detail; remember use the future tense).
Expected Results (0.5-1 page)
State the specific statistical analysis that you plan to conduct (t-test, correlation, chi-square, etc.). See Morling appendix on Inferential Statistics. In particular, Table S2.4 “Inferential Statistics You Can Use to Analyze Different Kinds of Data” (p. 519) is very helpful.
In order for your hypothesis to be supported, what would expect to see in the data? (i.e., a positive correlation, the mean of the treatment group will be larger than the mean of the control group, etc.). To assist in this description, provide a visual representation of the expected results using a table of means, a table of percentages, a bar graph, or a scatter plot, etc. In order to do this you will need to make up some numbers. The numbers you make up should make sense and be related to however you measure your variables (refer to your own Measures section). The visual representation (table or type of graph) should be appropriate for your hypothesis and statistical test.

It mainly needs to be APA style and provide a hypotheis question along with the type of study

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