General Writing Guidelines You will write a 1-2-page, double-spaced essay that a

General Writing Guidelines
You will write a 1-2-page, double-spaced essay that applies a theory (e.g., Constructivism, AAT, or Planning theory) you have learned in this class to your own life. In the application log, be sure to identify explicitly which theory you’re applying. Describe the ideas or concepts from the theory that you think apply particularly well to the personal experience you selected, and explain how. You can write about how the theory gives you a better understanding of communication or the suggestions the theory offers for improving your future communication practices in similar situations. You may also discuss any limitations with the theory, especially in terms of its lack of ability to explain the instance you described in the log. Sample application logs are available on Canvas.
You should submit each log through the “Assignment” section on Canvas (see the course schedule for the dates when the logs are due) on the day it is due. Hard copy, emailed or late logs will only be accepted with valid excuses. There will be a deduction of 1 point per day for late logs.
General Criteria for Grading
How well you have clearly identified the theory or theoretical concepts you’re applying. Make sure your essay shows your understanding of the material. Try to explain the theory and relevant concepts in your own words.
How well you have applied the theory to your experience. Your application should show logical clarity and consistency.
The overall quality of writing exhibited in the essay. To receive a high grade (9 or 10) on your log, your essay should have very few (no more than 3) or no misspellings, sentence fragments, wrong word choices, grammatical mistakes, or formatting errors.
Specifically, for Application Log 3, you can choose to focus on one of the following theories:
Cultivation theory
Agenda-setting theory
Communication accommodation theory
Face negotiation theory
Theory of genderlect styles

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