FOR THIS UNIT: IF YOU HAVE CONCEPTS 2-5, SELECT ONE ESSENTIAL QUESTION FROM YOUR CONCEPT. THIS WILL BE ONE CRIME OR DEFENSE. PREPARE YOUR PRESENTATION ON THAT CRIME OR DEFENSE ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE THE PRESENTATIONS OF OTHERS. To determine which crime or defense you should present, refer to the original announcement regarding concept assignments. If your name appears first on the list for your assigned concept, then do EQ1. If your name appears second, then EQ2, and so on. If your name is last and there are more than four EQs, choose the one you like best.
Prepare a presentation on your assigned concept for this week.
Using your text and other reliable resources, create a brief lecture on your concept. Your presentation should include the following:
An explanation/definition/description of your concept.
An example illustrating your concept. Your example should show how your concept applies to real life business situations.
A link to an internet resource about your concept; article, news item, scholarly definition, etc.
A visual aid of some kind to illustrate the concept; photo, chart, graph, concept map, timeline, flow chart, table , etc. The graphic should be inserted/imbedded into your post, not attached.
A citation for your source or sources (any format is fine as long as the source can be located).
Your presentation should answer one or more, perhaps all, of the essential questions associated with your concept.
Create your presentation in the discussion window. Do not submit as an attachment.
DO NOT lift and paste content from a source. The content must be your own.
Try not to go into great detail. You are not writing a text book. You are simply explaining a concept. You are teaching the rest of the class about your concept. Other students will read your presentation in order to learn.
Post your presentation by the end of the week. The following week, read five other student presentations. There are six concepts, you wrote about one, you need to read the other five. Post a comment to two of the other presentations. Comments should be limited to one brief paragraph which will include 1) a positive comment to the author, 2) a comment about one of the elements brought up by the original author, and 3) how the element you identified might impact a business in real life. Try to spread your comments around so that all presentations receive comments.
To receive full credit for this discussion:
Explain, describe, or define your concept.
Provide an example that will show application of your concept.
Include a link to an internet resource for learning more about your concept.
Create and include a visual depiction of your concept.
Cite your sources.
Property crimes
What are the elements to the crime of burglary?
What are the elements to the crime of larceny?
What are the elements to the crime of obtaining goods by false pretenses?
What are the elements to the crime of forgery?

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