F Please submit an 12-15 page literature review containing a focused accumulatio

F Please submit an 12-15 page literature review containing a focused accumulation and progression of research directly relevant to your previously-approved capstone project topic and APUS program objectives. Your reference list must include a minimum of 10-12 references, all of which must be cited at least once within text using APA style. Your literature review needs to be written in third person prose and contain a systematic evaluation of the available literature (not an annotated bibliography) which leads to logical conclusions based on published data and also include some preliminary unique personal suggestions for future research. Your scientific writing and referencing skills on the three remaining SPHS697 assignments (Literature Review, Creative Project Outline, Final Creative Project Manuscript) need to be at the same level of scientific rigor and professionalism as the peer-review literature you are using I your research.
Please note that about 50% of students include an abbreviated research design which is often a “first draft” for a specific future submission to an IRB committee which is intended to take their line of capstone research to the next level. Students who choose to include a detailed research design most often intend to collect data following their APUS graduation as part of their current employment or doctoral studies, and/or in future coaching, teaching, administrative, or consulting endeavors.Many students who include a specific research design intend to write a future grant proposal highlighting why their specific research ideas help advance knowledge within their chosen SPHS subdiscipline and are thus worthy of consideration by a funding agency.
Please feel free to contact APUS librarians or your instructor for help locating references specific to your capstone topic. It is highly suggested that you effectively utilize the APUS professionals and resources available to you for assistance as a majority of your time needs to focus on reading, thinking creatively, and writing during this fast-progressing eight-week class – not spending an inappropriately large amount of time digging for references.
TurnItIn scores again need to be within the range of about 15% as per SPHS-established guidelines with repeat submissions allowed if your initial originality score is too high. Please see attached grading criteria and rubric, APUS End of Program Assessment Manual for Masters Programs (updated January 2019), and APUS ePress for final manuscripts of previous SPHS Capstone Projects selected by committee for publication on the prestigious APUS Library ePress link.

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