Design two competitions with rewards, one for the sales teams (both new- and use

Design two competitions with rewards, one for the sales teams (both new- and used-car) and one for the service and parts team. Keeping the larger company goal in mind, develop parameters for the competitions. Refer to the Coach’s Huddles and Read About It in Weeks 5 and 7 for information about healthy competition and rewards.
2. For each team competition, create a one-page flyer that details the parameters of the competition to the relevant team.
3. In 1–2 well-organized paragraphs, explain the following about the competitions on a separate page:
Explain whether the competition you are creating for each of the teams is direct or cooperative.
Explain how the rewards or recognition you will offer are appropriate for the competitions.
Explain how you will communicate the details of your competition and the rewards offered to both the sales and service teams.
Explain why competition works as a motivational strategy.
Be sure to justify your responses using course learning materials.
Please follow all instructions that are uploaded
PowerPoint has been uploaded to guide you on what I did last assignment for Hometown Motors
There should be two flyers created.
Please follow Strayer writing Standards that is uploaded
Please use the book for class: The Best Teams Wins by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton for resources and Huddle for week 5 and 7 that is uploaded

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