Chapter six of Bridges & Bridges (2009) describes the typical organizational lif

Chapter six of Bridges & Bridges (2009) describes the typical organizational life-cycle and how leading change is an essential part of the organizational development and renewal process. McNulty (2002) presents a case study where the new CEO, Cheryl Hailstrom, is trying to renew the growth of an established family business—Lakeland Wonders while experiencing significant resistance.
While Hailstrom has clearly set out an expansive vision for Lakeland, her vision hasn’t taken hold in her first six months as CEO, and she is experiencing significant resistance. Why? Imagine that Cheryl wrote to you, sharing with you what you read in the McNulty (2002) case, and asked for your advice about what she should do? Using the insights about leading change you have been exposed to in this course, with a particular focus on Bridge’s managing transitions model and the organizational life cycle (Bridges Chp. 6) give Cheryl practical advice about how she could lead her people through the transition of the change (that is, her new vision) she is trying to implement at Lakeland Wonders.
Incorporate some Birkman insights in helping Cheryl better understand key issues surfacing during this time of transition i.e.’leadership communication’, ‘decision-making styles’, ‘change readiness’, ‘interpersonal relationships’.
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Bridges, W., & Bridges, S. (2016). Managing transitions: Making the most of change. Philadelphia, PA. De Capo Press.Bridges
read the instruction question CAREFULLY, and citation only need from the above book

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