bType the body of your essay text here, indenting the first line of each new par

bType the body of your essay text here, indenting the first line of each new paragraph 1/2” (press
the tab key once), use double-spacing throughout, and let Microsoft Word create the line breaks for
you. For your essay, this first paragraph will serve as your introduction. The last sentence will be your
thesis statement. Use the thesis statement provided in the outline form.
Each body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence. Follow the plan you made in your outline
for providing specific examples and quotes to support your point. If you follow the plan you made for
your outline, you will have three body paragraphs. Finish your paragraph with 1-2 sentences that link
the main idea of your paragraph back to your thesis.
Your final paragraph will be your conclusion. Following your conclusion, insert a page break and
type your references page.
The following font styles are
acceptable for APA 7th edition:
Times New Roman 12 point
Arial 11 point
Georgia 11 point
Calibri 11 point
Note that “References” is in bold
font. Press the “enter” key one time
and then begin typing your reference
**Important Note **
Please remember to check the in-text citations used in the outline. Please use the information I put in the outline to make up the essay .Those in-text citations need to be included in each body paragraph. There needs to be a whole page dedicated to References
Text to read for the essay is Trifles by Susan Glaspell and Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving

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