Based especially on recent discussions, look over the following questions and re

Based especially on recent discussions, look over the following questions and respond with your thoughts on the current status of media and ownership. These questions will also help provide a variety of answers from students. Examine your current media use, such as music, news, shows, films, social media, apps, etc. How much of it is popular? How much of it is local? Is the media you see diverse in thought? How well do you think the FCC or big media companies are doing to protect public interest? Do you think the media you are using is promoting democracy and diverse content? What do you think media companies might do in coming years? What would you recommend to improve the media content that you and others consume and digest?
Although there is no maximum length, a minimum length should be 3-4 pages double-space. You may copy and paste your words, or insert a document as a .doc or .pdf file only. You must include a works cited list that includes the following resources and other links to articles you used for your writing. The strongest writing includes abundant quotes and passages from the readings to support the stated ideas. Feel free to use current examples to illustrate those ideas as well.

How Media Consolidation Threatens Democracy: 857 Channels (and Nothing On)

Twenty Years of Media Consolidation Has Not Been Good For Our Democracy
Why CNN+ Failed
Opinion: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover exposes the real threat to free speech: Big Tech monopolies
For additional viewing:
Spin Documentary (1995)
Tik Tok Analysis

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