1) Select one of the two articles that we read this week: “Mind Over Mass Media”

1) Select one of the two articles that we read this week:
“Mind Over Mass Media” – Stephen Pinker (pp. 382-384)
“Bile, Venom, and Lies: How I was Trolled on the Internet” – Fareed Zakaria (pp. 389-391)
2) Write a five-paragraph essay (two to three pages with one-inch margins and double spaced; approximately 500-700 words) and critically respond to ONE (not both) of the articles. I would choose the one that engaged you the most.
3) As you write, think about the things that we have gone over in class:
What is the main idea of the article? This should be included (summarized) in the first paragraph.
What are the supporting ideas in the article? This should be discussed (and critically analyzed) in paragraphs two through four.
How does the author support their ideas? What rhetorical strategies does the author use to support their point? You are free to discuss here whether you agree or disagree with their main idea and the supporting arguments.
Remember other points we discussed. You don’t have to include them all, but these could be part of the essay.
Who is the author?
What is the genre of the piece?
Who is the intended audience?
What is the author’s purpose?
What sources are used by the author?
4) The final paragraph should conclude with some final thoughts.
6) Remember, the Writing Lab is available for consultation as am I.
7) I will return the essays through Turnitin. You may access the score, my comments, and the completed rubric there.
8) You must use MLA format. We will discuss MLA more in depth soon when we read pages 319-337. For now, realize that using MLA means two things:
Parenthetical citation: If you use the exact words (or exact and novel ideas) of one of the authors, you need to use a parenthetical citation. I’ve include an example below. See page 321 in our text.
Having a works cited page: Below, I typed up the first source for you. Note how the entry has a hanging indent. Also, note the article is in “quotation marks” and that the journal and book are in italics. This should be the last page your essay. See page 330 in our text.

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