1. Select a current affair (i.e., an issue currently in the news) and demonstrat

1. Select a current affair (i.e., an issue currently in the news) and demonstrate how it relates to global health, as well as what the research says in relation to the health issue, domestic and/or global health implications.
If you focus on all issues related to your topic of discussion, you could undermine your ability
to demonstrate mastery of course material by trying to cover too many issues and
demonstrating their relevance to course material.
2. Narrow your focus on a specific topic within a current affair as it relates to global health. Also
note that this example relies on a news item which occurred in the 1980’s/90’s. It is therefore
not eligible for coverage for this assignment, which requires coverage of a current (i.e.,
happening now) affair.
3. You must use peer-reviewed journal articles to make and support your point(s). To
demonstrate that the issue you are covering is a current affair, you may cite newspaper and/or
online news items. However, the use of these materials is to demonstrate what the issue you
are addressing is (and perhaps how it is being discussed in the news or experienced in your
region of choice) and does not constitute research about the issue, nor health implications.
4. There are no maximum or minimum numbers of peer-reviewed journal articles prescribed for
this assignment. The focus is on adequately supporting your points. Note that neglecting
research which contradicts/conflicts with your point is problematic and can result in lost
opportunity to earn marks. It is better to address contradictions/conflicts and demonstrate
how, using peer-reviewed journal articles, you deal with the contradiction/conflict.
5. Critically appraise the peer-reviewed journal articles and the media narrative(s) you are
discussing. Do not just summarize and/or synthesize the material. Critically examine it,
discuss the strengths, weaknesses, flawed interpretations, methodological rigour, limitations,
6. Format: This paper should be no less than 8 pages and no more than 10 pages in length,
excluding references and title page. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the maximum
length. This is because brevity is the key to clarity and demonstrates mastery of material.
Mastery of material can be achieved and demonstrated succinctly. However, be sure that you
are not undermining your ability to showcase your mastery of course material by aiming to
write the bare minimum (i.e., writing too succinctly). It is often easier to prepare a paper
which exceeds the limits but expresses your meaning and then go back and edit to get the
paper within the maximum limit than it is to aim for the minimum.

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