Write a 2 pages essay (APA format-size 12 font, double spaced, Times New Roman

Write a 2 pages essay (APA format-size 12 font, double spaced, Times
New Roman font) where you examine the course topics learned in this
module as reflected in an early childhood classroom setting. Use at
least 10 academic words from the Academic Word List and terms from the
professional language and avoid informal language. Make sure you have
watched the videos posted on the general, introductory module and
watched the videos posted on this module, and also have good notes to
refer to for examples to support your essay.
1. Paragraph One/Two:
Select a one sentence quote from a famous early childhood theorist and
cite the theorist. Explain the quote and relate to the characteristics
that a high quality early childhood program should have. Write narrative
to summarize what the weaknesses and strengths were in the classroom
environment you observed in. Include one or two early childhood
approaches or theories to support the strengths you observed.. (25 pts.)
Paragraphs Three/Four: Describe developmental theories that you saw
reflected in the activities observed in the classroom. Give examples of
teacher-student dialogue that aligns to the theories you learned in this
module. Describe examples of scaffolding that you use see in the
classroom (chapter 4)
(25 pts.)
4. Paragraph Five:
Describe ways that teachers use to build confidence, trust, and
self-esteem (social and emotion skills) in the children. What activities
have you observed where children are using their physical skills?
Thinking skills (cognition)? Language development? (chapter 4) (20 pts.)
Paragraph Six: Examine how teachers use observation as an assessment of
the children’s understanding. How do the teachers know that the
children understand the lesson? What other assessment of student
learning do you observe? If you have difficulty figuring out the answers
to these questions, ask the teachers for this information. (Observation
PowerPoint) (20 pts.)
6. Meet with an online writing tutor
to ensure that you do not lose points for punctuation errors, writing
errors, and essay organization, (worth up to 10 pts. of your grade).
View the points for the content of each section and recognize that 10
points are awarded to papers that have no writing errors.

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