Where appropriate, give examples and be specific in your answers. Each point men

Where appropriate, give examples and be specific in your answers. Each point mentioned should be justified/supported with examples and/or outside sources (assume that the reader does not understand the concepts and theories and you have to explain them to him/her). Your answers should logical, in-depth, substantive and in your own words. The exam should not be viewed as an exercise in copy and paste. While the material covered in the course should be integrated into your answers, you must include additional sources beyond the textbook and the case. For example, there are chapters in the textbook that correspond to topics in the case as well as additional information that can be researched. Be sure to cite any sources used.
Please Follow the APA style when writing your analysis. Reference list should be attached at the end of the document. Label each question with its number in addition to each section (i.e. a., b. etc). Please check your spelling and grammar as points will be deducted for mistakes of this nature.
Discussion Questions: (Questions on the submission should be labeled 1, 2, a, b, c etc.)
1. Provide a detailed SWOT for (1) Colgate-Palmolive (the company) and (2) a SWOT for the ColgatePalmolive Toothbrush segment.
2. According to the case, what changes are occurring in the toothbrush category? Assess (i.e. evaluate)
Colgate-Palmolive’s competitive position.
3. How is the toothbrush market segmented? Compare consumer behavior between highly involved and
less involved consumers for toothbrushes.
4. What are the arguments for launching (i.e. positioning) Precision as (a) a niche product and (b) a
mainstream brand? The objectives of this question are: (1), to emphasize the importance and marketing
program implications of determining whether a new product represents a big breakthrough idea or a line
extension, and (2), to consider the relative merits of emphasizing a corporate brand umbrella versus an
individual brand name when launching a new product. Arguments should be provided for both (a) and
5. Discuss what marketing recommendations would you make to Steinberg? Then (a) Develop a
positioning statement (i.e. value proposition) for the Precision toothbrush as a (1) niche product and (2)
a positioning statement for the Precision toothbrush as a mainstream brand. (b) Based on the positioning
strategy you recommended in question 4 what brand name would you advise? Discuss and explain.
6. In addition to the Grading Rubric, also, consider the following:
An excellent response. This response is very polished, superb and there is little room for improvement.
A excellent response is well organized, an interesting read, provides insight about the topic being
addressed and draws conclusions that are supported. It makes substantial use of information and
concepts from class and other sources to draw those conclusions.
Textbook: A Framework For Marketing Management (Kotler and Keller 6E)

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