Week 4: Assignment Crazy in the Workplace Should everyone have a job? Hmmm… do

Week 4: Assignment
Crazy in the Workplace
Should everyone have a job?
Hmmm… does the answer to this question change if the potential employee has a diagnosed psychological disorder? There are some who might suggests it depends on the type of diagnosed psychological disorder/disorders. Take a stance on this topic. This week’s readings and lectures explore some of the challenges with personalities, psychological disorders, and societal acceptance/rejection of individuals’ behaviors with psychological disorders.
Identify a psychological disorder you would like to explore/research. Use your textbook, scholarly book/articles, the Internet, and personal experiences to determine if potential employees with the psychological disorder you selected should be allowed to work. The focus of this assignment is NOT concerned with what is socially acceptable, but rather if allowing an individual with the psychological disorder group selected benefits the workplace/organization more than hurts it.
Your paper should:
Clearly identify why employees with psychological disorders can be a challenge in the workplace.
Clearly defines the psychological disorder you selected, behaviors associated with the disorder, and (commonly used) effective interventions that are typically used by psychologists/psychiatrists.
Clearly identifies your stance on the selected psychological disorder as it relates to an employee having the disorder at the workplace.
Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages long, not including cover page and reference page. So you should have at least 4-5 pages total. It should include at least three (3) scholarly references that are formatted correctly using APA format.

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