Using the map, the films we viewed, and music we listened to in class, a

Using the map, the films we viewed, and music we listened to in class, and any other sound- or image-based resource, select sounds & images of NYC during the years 1973-1990. Using these, as well as descriptive and informative writing, imagine a scene of artmaking that:
Involves at least two of the people we covered: Larry Levan and Grace Jones
References at least three of the pieces covered in lectures or group presentations, plus one additional piece (from the readings or from additional research, can be from another time period, but must show how it relates),
The pieces I choose is “Slave to the rhythm” by Grace Jones, “Pull up to the bumper” by Grace Jones, “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)” by Grace Jones
Raises three questions (your writeup should specifically ask these questions) you would ask somebody who was present, or questions you might have if you imagine yourself being present for the artmaking.
You might imagine an encounter between two of the people covered whose work contrasts, or two people who got along well and collaborated. You might imagine a missed connection between two artists who never seemed to have met. You might place them outside on the street, or in a venue such as the Paradise Garage.
Your description should fill in some of the ‘gaps’ of the sounds & images. Consider using languages of the other senses. How did the air smell in that space? What did it feel like?

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