Topic of Essay How and by whom is love expressed in the novel? In what ways does

Topic of Essay
How and by whom is love expressed in the novel? In what ways does the love in the novel ease the suffering of the characters? How is love not enough to diminish the suffering of the characters? Answer the question by discussing at least two characters in the novel.
Submit your essay to this Turn-it-in Drop Box. Remember that your similarity index should be 24% or less. This means Turn-it-in allows for 24% of your paper to be quoted. The rest should be written in your own words. Your similarity index should be above 0% because you will be quoting from articles and/or the novel.
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Indent the first line of every paragraph. Continue writing. Remember that the introduction orients the reader about your topic, tells us the first and last name of the author and the title of the work. Near the end of the introduction, write your thesis, the narrowed focus of your paper, the idea your paper will seek to prove.
When you start a new paragraph, indent again. Remember that each paragraph begins with a topic sentence and perhaps a transition word or phrase so that it is clear how it connects to the previous paragraph.
Continue indenting for every new paragraph that you write.
Your paper will go on until it is two and a half or three pages.

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