To Essay Pro Writer: Please respond to my classmates post below. Give your thoug

To Essay Pro
Writer: Please respond to my classmates post below.
Give your thoughts on their discussion post. I also posted my discussion post
below so you can compare the two posts.
1-2 references in APA
format from the reading material attached, 1-2 paragraphs.
My discussion Post below
Initiating a 360-degree appraisal is often termed as
complicated, and its implementation is difficult. The call center manager
probably saw the need to develop the call representatives on a long-term basis
and also build a strong management front. The performance of every employee is
appraised, and this requires an open communication channel as well as adequate
feedback to ensure My d the appraisal has been effective. As the HR manager, I
would not encourage a 360-degree appraisal because the disadvantages of the
evaluation outweigh the advantages. There are different controversies that
surround the evaluation, and there are chances of collecting inaccurate
information, which may lead to inaccurate conclusions. If an employee receives
feedback on their evaluation that criticizes them too much, they may feel
resentful and think that everyone ‘ganged up’ on them (Chapter 8, 2019a). They
feel intimidated and may even decline in their performance at work.
the evaluation is appropriate as the call representatives at the call center
may play the system and give void evaluations which would then lead to
inaccuracies. Also, the system is a complex one, and combining the responses
given by the call representatives would take a lot of time and resources.
Therefore, it is not necessary to undergo a complex process only to end up with
wrong and inaccurate evaluations. Also, the raters must be trained, which is a
process that takes time and resources. The 360-degree appraisal should be
discouraged because there may be conflicting opinions. Even if they might be
accurate to some extent, it can be difficult to come to a conclusion because of
the different opinions provided by staff.
are different conditions that are needed for a 360-degree appraisal evaluation
to be effective. First, there must be transparency, and all information should
be shared with the respective employees as soon as it is received. Also, the
skills gaps that may have been identified during the evaluation should be
discussed. Discussing this ensures that the employees can focus on improving
themselves and also their development at the call center. For the evaluation to
be effective, management must be ready to share information because if it is
hoarded, then there is no point in conducting the appraisal in the first place.
Hoarding information also keeps the employees guessing and suspicious, which is
not good for the work environment. After receiving feedback, the employee
should be willing to improve and be better, and they should also be respectful
of how others view them. To ensure that there is development in the workplace,
the call representatives should have a competitive spirit which would ensure
that they gain more skills and also develop their careers. Also,
self-evaluation ensures that employees are increasingly involved in the review
process (Chapter 8, 2019b). It ensures that the call representatives look into
their weaknesses and strengths, which facilitates discussions on how different
areas that might be lacking can be improved. Self-evaluation ensures that the
360-degree appraisal is effective because it helps in developmental matters.
All these conditions need to be met for the appraisal to be effective at the
call center and also ensure that the staff is aware of the areas that they can
improve on and the areas that they can keep up. Therefore, the appraisal can be
effective when the right conditions are met, but when it is done without a
strategy, it can be costly and would not yield any useful results.
Chapter 8.
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Sarah Discussion Post
If I were the HR manager that oversees the process of the
call center, I would encourage the use of the 360-degree appraisal. A few
reasons are that the other individuals that interact with the employee would
have a better take on the work ethic of the employee up for appraisal. I would
like to use 360-degree appraisal due to; the system is more comprehensive
because feedback is gathered from multiple perspectives. It may lessen bias and
prejudice since feedback comes from more people, not one individual. As well as
the feedback from peers and others may improve an employee’s self-development.
For me to implement this appraisal, I would need to have experienced
trustworthy managers/supervisors there maintain their work environment. I would
have all the associates grade both managers and other associates at the same
level and compare the results.
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