Title: Responding to literary criticism MLA FORMAT, 1 citation is only needed Th

Title: Responding to literary criticism
MLA FORMAT, 1 citation is only needed
The teacher has provided two options as readings that can be analyzed.
option 1) “To be or not to be” in “The belly of a whale” A reading of Joseph Campbell’s “Modern Hero” hypothesis in hamlet on film
option 2) Queen Gertrude: Monarch, Mother, Murder
***Both essay options have been attached below.
Option 1 analyzes the archetypal hero’s journey in a number of film adaptations of hamlet. Option 2 analyzes Gertrude’s character from a feminist perspective. As you read, think about how the author uses literary theory to find meaning in the text(s), and pay attention to the way in which the author uses specific evidence from the text to support their ideas.
You can choose one of these readings and answer the following questions below:
1. What was your author’s thesis? Be sure to write the thesis in your own words and only ONE thesis, AND to identify a sentence or two that best expresses the thesis.
2. Did the author provide convincing evidence to support their thesis? If yes, then provide three examples, and explain why they were convincing. If no, then provide 3 examples and explain why they were not convincing
3. Using one example, identify how the author used a direct quotation: 1 mark for each letter
a. Is the quotation from a primary or secondary source? Identify the source
b. Is the quotation used to illustrate a point, provide clarification, or just to identify the part of a play? Explain how you know
c. Does the author use an entire sentence or just part of the sentence?
d. Is the quotation incorporated into one of the author’s sentences? If so, identify the sentence.
e. How do the parenthetical citations for hamlet differ from those of the secondary sources?
4. Was there anything confusing in the essay that you feel you would need additional information to understand? If so, what?
5. Identify at least three key ideas or terms from archetypal or feminist literary criticism your author used?
6. What did this particular perspective (i.e. this essay you chose) add to your understanding of hamlet?
7. Did you notice anything about the way in which this essay was written that seems to contradict essay “rules” you have been taught in the past? Explain your response with references to the text.
***should be in MLA, and should have direct quotes to back up the answers, would rather have quotes than paraphrasing, thank you very much.
Both essay options have been attached below.

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