This week’s assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the weekly

This week’s assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the
weekly pay for a paper carrier. Your program should prompt the user for
the following numeric values:
the number of papers on the route
the number of days the paper is delivered per week
the amount of tips received for the week
Your program should define (not prompt) for the following:
the cost of each newspaper,
a percentage rate for his/her commission. (the paper carrier gets a percentage of the cost of each newspaper)
The total number of papers for week is number of papers times number of
days. The weekly salary is total number of papers for week times cost of
each newspaper times his percentage rate. The total pay should be
computed as his weekly salary plus his tips.
Your program should display output at the end of the program for the following:
the total number of papers delivered for the week,
the weekly salary,
the tips for the week,
the total pay for the week.
Your program should include Header comments (what the program does) and
in-line comments (the major design steps). Document the values you
chose for the cost per paper and percentage rate in your comments as
Submit your Python program as a text file (.py) file. In addition,
submit a Design outline and a Test plan (3 different test cases) in a
Word document or a .pdf file which also includes a screen shot of
execution of your program for each test case.
Your submission must also adhere to the SubmissionRequirements document.
(i.e. Filename and display your name, class, date in the output).
10% – Design – outline proper sequence of steps, calculations (if
necessary). Identify values
of any known constants (hourly rate,
commission rate). Identify what the user inputs will be
and what the
output will be.
10% – Documentation – Header and in-line comments. Include document for
the values you
chose as the known constants (hourly rate, commission
rate) in your comments as well.
Documentation of major steps (from
design outline);
70% – Program prompts and executes correctly on all test cases.
Satisfies all requirements
(each requirement -10pts), compiles -20pts,
effectiveness and neatness -10pts, descriptive
variables – 5pts, def
main() -5pts).

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