The plague or Black Death was one of the most devastating diseases in history, k

The plague or Black Death was one of the most devastating diseases in history, killing one in every three Europeans during the Middle Ages (around the 14th century). The plague was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, transmitted by fleas living on rodents (some research debates this mode of rodent-to-human transmission).
Although not nearly the threat it used to be, the plague still surfaces in a few cases across the world each year. Only a few genetic changes were enough to create what used to be a relatively harmless bacterium in the Yersinia genus (Y. pseudotuberculosis) into the highly infectious microbe that caused the Black Death (Yersinia pestis). See the video below for an introduction to the plague.
National Geographic. (2018, April 8). Plague 101 [Video]. Youtube.
In this assignment, you will research the origin, history, and evolution of the causative agent of the plague.
SLP Assignment
Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the components below. Use relevant and supporting images to supplement your research.
Slide 1
Title Slide with Name, Course, and Date
Slide 2: Introduction
Topics to be covered in outline form
Slides 3 and 4: History of the Plague
Describe the bacterium that caused the plague in the 14th century. How was it believed to be transmitted? How does Y. pestis compare with other strains of bacteria in the same genus of Yersinia (select one other variant of Yersinia to discuss).
Slides 5 and 6: Spread of the Disease
Discuss where outbreaks of the disease occurred in Asia and Europe. Describe the symptoms of those infected with the plague and how it spread so quickly. Include supporting images.
Slides 7 and 8: Evolution of Y. pestis
How did Y. pestis evolve over the centuries? Include a discussion of the genetic modifications that may have occurred (gene inactivation, loss, and acquisition). Why do you think the original plague around the 14th century died out?
Slide 9: Reflection/Conclusion
Of all the sources you reviewed on the origin of the plague, which one do you think is most precise and “scientific” in its analysis of the spread of this disease? Explain your reasoning and cite your source.
Slide 10: References
Full list of references in APA format (including citations for any images used)

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